The Space Grazer web and mobile application is currently only a proof-of-concept. If you would like to explore its capabilities, follow this link to register and start exploring for free: SpaceGrazer.

The user-interface still needs to be optimized. For now please follow the instructions here:

  • Zoom to your farm or area of interest
  • Click "New Camp" button to start drawing a new grazing camp
  • Draw the camp by clicking and releasing on all the corners of the camp's perimeter
  • Enter the camp's name and clikc "Create"
  • Wait +-2 minutes and the satellite data will be delivered
  • Explore the image data layers by clicking "Current Image" and selecting a different layer
  • Adjust the layer's transparency by moving the slider to the right and left
  • Try creating additional camps and comparing statistics

Please email if you would like any more information.

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